An Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette leaks online and catches the attention of the brand’s President Claudia Soare. The sneak peak on the new palette wasn’t supposed to be anywhere in the first place. Claudia clarified that whatever it was people saw on Reddit isn’t something they should be excited about.

The Reddit photo shows an ABH palette that looks like a variation of the Modern Renaissance, this time with brighter summer and spring colors. The user who posted this also said that a friend of hers who works for ABH ‘snagged it for her hot off the press.’

The brand’s president took to Twitter to call out the user saying leaking unreleased products on the internet ruins the brand in major legal ways. Claudia Soare is now in the process of figuring out who was responsible for the leak by checking in on all her retailers and manufacturers.

The Reddit user quickly took down the photo in hopes of leaving her or himself unharmed, but I really hope this person doesn’t underestimate the power of ABH. Though Twitter dragging might seem like a band-aid solution, Claudia and her team are working very hard to unmask the real culprit.

Getting new makeup products from retailers and manufacturer friends might seem exciting at first, but I also think it’s good practice to see if this product has been officially launched by the brand already. The brand has been working day and night to effectively launch their new campaigns, and not to mention you’re also putting all ABH’s retailers and manufacturers at risk.

It will also ensure that the product you’re holding isn’t a knockoff. Remember the Naked 4 and 5 palettes they sell online? These products aren’t ‘new’ or ‘unreleased’. These are fake and can potentially harm your skin.


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