Today’s transactions are instantaneous. We’re at a point where it’s easy (sometimes so much so) to do tasks that would otherwise take a lot more time and effort: Need to book a movie ticket in advance? There’s an app for that. Rushing to get to a meeting fast? There’s an app for that.

In today’s guide, I’m listing down 5 of the best app-based services in the Philippines that make every Pinoy’s everyday life a lot easier.


LIST: 5 Best App-Based Services in the Philippines

You need a new gadget, but you don’t want to break bank. In a taxing bid to stay afloat, you refuse to get a credit card. How do you get out of this situation?

Let me offer a solution: Akulaku, a paperless financing service situated entirely inside an app. In it, you are prompted to provide details that will determine the value of gadget/appliance you can buy on installment. After you’ve chosen your item, you simply pay in increments via Akulaku’s payment channels.


LIST: 5 Best App-Based Services in the Philippines

I have been using Angkas for weeks now and I love it. The drivers are courteous and thoughtful, the rates therefore reasonable. I use the service to travel to and from the office. To the uninitiated, Angkas is essentially the motorcycle equivalent of Grab and Uber, making it a perfect alternative when traveling shorter distances in typically very congested areas.


LIST: 5 Best App-Based Services in the Philippines

Foodpanda is a food delivery service that gives its users the ability to order from a vast library of food establishments in the metro. Foodpanda ensures that your food gets to you in a matter of minutes—for a small premium, of course!—from any restaurant/food chain that’s available in their growing library. I have tried their service once, and so far no complaints.


LIST: 5 Best App-Based Services in the Philippines

GMovies take the hassle out of booking movie tickets. For a small premium (at the time of this writing, GMovies charges 20 PHP per ticket), you will be able to skip the long queues at the box office, go straight through the ticketer and plant your wise-ass on the cushioned seat inside the cinema. If you’re a lover of movies like myself, you’ll find yourself using this service a lot.


LIST: 5 Best App-Based Services in the Philippines

Cashless transactions are our inevitable future. It’s a complete mystery why many Filipinos still carry cash around. Credit cards are simply an easier means. In the meantime, PayMaya stands as an incredible alternative.

It does a great job of emulating the functions of a true debit card: you get a “virtual card”, complete with a MasterCard logo, card numbers and details, and a sophisticated tracking system that helps you keep on top of your money. PayMaya cards may be used in almost all internet transactions; in fact, I use mine to pay for my Uber rides, Netflix subscription, and other online purchases.

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