People have been doing mermaid makeup for ages. But this weekend, Channing Carlisle surprised us all with her brand new SFX transformation – a mermaid leg. The makeup artist posted a photo of her creation on her Twitter. It was her ripped up leg with mermaid scales showing through, almost as if we caught her in the midst of her transformation into the mythical creature. This wasn’t real, of course, unless Channing is a real mermaid (not that it’s bad).

It’s quite strange at first because it’s just so realistic. The tail that she created almost seemed like true pearlescent fish scales from a magical creature of the sea. And she painted depth so well that even if you looked at it from nearby, you would really believe it’s her actual skin she tore up and bruised. Channing’s creation is impressive as well because it is a return to the more realistic and less cartoony image of a mermaid. You would believe they actually exist (well I still hope they do).

The creation was, as reported by TeenVogue, inspired by makeup artist Arianna Blean who posted this photo of her painting on a purple and blue tail on someone’s leg.

Channing used high quality high end and drugstore makeup products to achieve this incredible SFX. Products include Anastasia Beverly Hills and Wet n Wild. As a makeup artist, Channing has shown her talent to the world many times before the mermaid tail. Some are a bit gory and bloody, including a hand pierced by gold coins and skin cut up in different shapes. But to (kind of) save you from the extremely bloody looks, we’ll throw in some of her other unbelievable makeup looks.


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