The Maldives is in the Philippines, everyone, and it’s just a 4-hour drive from Manila. Stilts Calatagan is the Maldives of Batangas and even if it’s only just Maldives-inspired, you would be missing a whole lot if you haven’t been here.

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The Real Maldives: A Nation Composed of 99% Water

Many have said that because of the the fast growing phenomenon that is global warming, the Maldives might be at risk of sinking. Many of their coral beaches are only a few feet above sea level right at this moment. So unless you’re the Earth’s superhero and has plans on stopping global warming and climate change, you should really consider going to this Indian Ocean tropical paradise.

But the white beaches of the Maldives don’t come cheap. You would be spending at least US$1000 for a kind-of-decent stay in the country since it is made up of 99% water meaning boat rides all day everyday and they can get a bit expensive.

So our solution? Stilts Calatagan: the Maldives of Batangas!

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is white sand beach along the Matabungkay-Calatagan Road, a good 4- to 5-hour drive from central Metro Manila. The resort boasts floating cottages with stairs leading right to the water and several activities in their vibrant blue waters. The resort also offers mangrove tours and facilitated adventures to nearby Calatagan tourist spots so it’s perfect for both an day trip or an overnight stay.

But seriously though, staying in those floating cottages almost feels like you’re right in the Maldives. The rooms are clean, comfy, and spacious – the exact three things you would want in your Maldives-inspired honeymoon or vacation.

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Travel Time

Okay, you guys, I’ve been here. I can tell it’s not a simple 4-hour drive from Metro Manila because I remember we spent a good 5 and a half hours driving. It wasn’t very fun. If you know the way then good but if you don’t, my friends and I suggest hiring an experienced driver or at least a person with good spacial reasoning. Oh and always leave early morning.

We left Manila (we met at Tiendesitas) around 6am and got to the resort at around 10:30am. Our other friends who left Manila a bit later got there after lunch around 1 to 2pm.

To commute, suggests you take a bus to the Calatagan town proper and upon arriving, take a trike to the resort. Trike rates can be expensive so it is best to come with friends, and lots of them.

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While we can suggest you hire an experienced driver and just ask around, using Stilts Calatagan’s map alongside a map app is a lot helpful. Stilts Calatagan has this map starting from the Tagaytay Rotonda for the convenience of their clients. For a higher resolution one, you can visit their site.

Accommodation, Activity, and Tour Rates

Here are the Stilts Calatagan Rates for 2017. We’ve included cottages and also private rooms in this Maldives-inspired resort. Don’t worry, the Maldives of Batangas room rates won’t break your bank unless you choose to. You have a bunch of options for any budget!


Stilts Calatagan Facebook page

The floating cottages range from P8,540 to P18,800 a night depending of course on the size of the cottage you’ll be staying in and if you’re booking during peak season.

Their largest floating cottage can house up to 20 people so it’s a good buy if you’re just staying overnight and are with friends.

Stilts Calatagan website
Stilts Calatagan website
Stilts Calatagan website

You can also rent out their cabanas and pavilions next to the beach if you’re only staying for the day.

We were around 10-15 people and we were able to enjoy even if we just rented out one small pavilion. There’s a P350/head entrance fee but it’s worth it because there’s such a lot to see!

Stilts Calatagan website

Stilts’ complete accommodation and activity rates are all in their website.


Activities include scuba diving, nature trips, and other recreational activities such as biking and snorkelling. Stilts Calatagan also offers water therapy and spa treatments for their valued customers.

Stilts Calatagan Facebook page

Single Kayak rental is at P250/hour and the Banana Boat is P350/head for 5-10 people for 15-20 minutes.

Spa Treatments can range from P450 to P1450.


For tours, the resort does offer mangrove tours in the Barangay Gulod Mangrove Park, Punta de Santiago Lighthouse tours, and Museo de Enrique Zobel tours but they prefer this be arranged one week before. This is so that they can check with the tide schedule and availability of tour guides and caretakers.

Stilts Calatagan website

Contact Numbers

For the complete details on the Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, their website has it all! For reservations and tour inquiries, you can call their mobile and landline numbers or send them a message through Facebook messenger.

Mobile: 0917 586 3343 / 0917 580 7653 / 0917 523 7777 / 0908 866 2254
Landline: (02) 511-8120 / 511-1895 / 845-0676
Facebook page:


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