Microsoft just ditched the numbering system for their Surface Pro lineup and instead of getting the Surface Pro 5, it’s just called Surface Pro now.

Apple first did this bold move and it made sense that every other company is following. I mean, would it still be appropriate to call the future gadgets with numbers if they’re going to release it annually? “iPhone 24” and “Surface Pro 26” sounds awful, right?

While the main upgrade of the Surface Pro would be a Kaby Lake processor, it’s nice to have more upgrades than just one component. Here’s everything that Microsoft updated with the new Surface Pro:

Battery Upgrade

Microsoft states that the new Surface Pro would now have an increased battery life of 13.5 hours. Compared to the claimed 9 hours from the previous Surface Pro 4, it’s a big leap. It’s done by integrating the SSD on the motherboard similar to the Surface Laptop. With this, we also expect to see an improvement to the standby time of the device.

Updated Type Covers

As expected, the alcantara type covers found on the Surface Laptop will now be available in the Surface Pro. With colors like cobalt blue, burgundy and platinum, it’s nice that Microsoft is making their products have uniformity. Plus, these materials are more durable and easier to maintain than the previous one.

Improved Surface Pen

Users of the Surface Pen will be happy to see that the pen will now have fancy new colors and a support on tilting motions. Pressure sensitivity has quadrupled to 4096 levels and latency has been cut from ~45 milliseconds to 21. Microsoft also took the opportunity to fire shots at Apple by stating that it’s “twice as responsive as the Apple Pencil.”

But after all of these upgrades, we’re still not getting the much needed USB-C port for the Surface Pro. It seems like Microsoft is still not yet ready to transition, eh?

The new Surface Pro is now available for pre-order starting at $799 (about 40,000 pesos in The Philippines.) As usual, the Type Cover isn’t included in the Surface Pro and you’ll have to buy it for $159 (8,000 pesos).


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