We are almost there, Game of Thrones fans! With less than 2 months before the first episode, HBO has finally released the official trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones.

A lot of things are going on and maybe we’re going to break that all down in another article, but so far, we can see Dany making her long-awaited return to Weesteros, Jon Snow’s army getting ready for a big fight with who-knows-what, and Cersei in King’s Landing doing Cersei things.

The series’ visual effects keep better and better and the Dragons of Dany look so much more realistic compared to previous season. And hey, they’re so much bigger now!

If you missed it, this upcoming season of Game of Thrones has now steered away from George RR Martin’s book and there will no longer be spoilers as it is now ahead of the written content.

As of writing, we are screaming internally and we cannot wait for the new season to drop. Bring it on, HBO.


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