As much as video games want you to have the most realistic experience while playing, there are also times when the developers want to poke fun on gamers by giving them weird things — like weapons, of course. There are some badass weapons that we may never see in real life like Squall’s GunBlade just because it’s unconventional. But there are also some weapons that was obviously made to have fun, and here we are, listing them down. Let’s start:

Dubstep Gun – Saints Row IV

Whether you have thing for Dubstep music or not, it will always be weird that you have a gun that’s made for it. We may have already seen Lucio ‘s musical gun but it made sense, this did not. In fact, if you shoot people with it, the effect is that they will just twerk near you.

Gravity Gun – Half Life

Now we’re not actually hating on these guns and this one is actually. This is the Gravity Gun is one of the greatest firearms ever made, It has two primary firing options, the primary fire mode is just a force push that kinetically knocks back obstacles and barriers out of your way. The second fire mode is a tractor beam-like mechanic that can pick up objects with ease.  Cool, right?

Cow Launcher – South Park

The game was random, vulgar, and all kinds of awesome, with pee-coated snowballs, dodgeballs, Terrance & Phillip Dolls, and even a Sniper Chicken in its repertoire of weird weapons. Our favorite, however, would have to be the Cow Launcher. This weapon replaced the overused and cliche rocket launcher with a similar piece which hurled mooing bovines that exploded on impact.

Mr. Toots – Red Faction Armageddon

his Red Faction: Armageddon firearm is actually a little unicorn that fires explosive, rainbow-colored laser blasts from his rear-end. All hail the Nyan Cat, because this gun is absolutely hilarious. Nothing beats killing your enemies with a mini-unicorn’s projectile laser farts. Best of all, the enemies you kill with Mr. Toots blow up into butterflies and rainbow-y chunks.

Experimental MIRV – Fallout

The experimental MIRV has been a weapon everyone talks about since the game’s debut. What does the MIRV do that is so different? It fires eight mini-nukes at once, making it the most devastating weapon in your arsenal. Want to clear out entire camps of raiders, ghouls, or mutants? Just aim the MIRV in the general direction of where you want everything to die, and pull the trigger.

And that’s about it. Any more weapons that you have in mind? Sound off in the comments section down below.

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