One of the most difficult parts of planning a debut or an 18th birthday party is choosing the right theme or motif. Nowadays, it seems it’s not enough to settle for a ‘princess’ or ‘vintage’ theme. These days call for over-the-top and carefully planned party themes that will leave quite the impression on your guests. Christmas-themed debut party, anyone?

Quick tip! If you’re stuck looking for debut themes and party motifs, it’s a good idea to check out wedding and quinceañera themes too.

1. Movie night

This is a chill party theme that reminds me of the drive-in movies. Guests can wear anything they’d like too, almost as if they’re just going to the theatre. Film a parody of your favorite film and show it to the guests. And grab some popcorn-flavored cupcakes while your at it!

Catch My Party

2. Winter Wonderland

Definitely loving the Frozen/Ice Queen themed party. The feather runners look like snow and the lace details are so dainty!

Elegant Wedding Invites

3. Copper + Marble

Try a really classy combination that’s effortlessly simple yet chic.

Brit Co.

4. Vintage + Travel

If you’re going to have a travel motif, make yours different by adding a vintage touch to it. And a globe.

Kara’s Party Ideas

5. Fairytale Cottage

Might be a bit dark for starters but it will instantly transport you and your guests to the enchanted fairy forests most princesses seem to take refuge in.

Brit Co.

6. Light and Rustic

Semi-transparent white cloth alongside wood and some fairy lights make a

Wedding Forward

7. Pastel and All Things Nature

Succulents are in this season so why not bring them to the party? Pair them with wooden accents and pastel earth colors for that soft homey feel.

Style Me Pretty

8. Rustic Bohemian

Absolutely loving the idea of having a table and pillows on the floor and teepees! Add some more fairy lights and maybe have it at night for the ultimate rustic bohemian look.

Latai Manukia

9. Fairy Forest

You can’t have a fairy forest theme without fairy snacks! I would add pop rocks to these for some added ~magic~


10. Galaxy Theme

If I can’t have this whole galaxy theme with me, I’ll just take the light orbs. They’re totally perfect for any occasion!


11. Rustic + Geometric

This is THE. CAKE. and THE. AESTHETIC. Forget getting a pony for your birthday, get this cake.

Elegant Wedding

12. Starry Night Theme

The Navy blue and gold motif never disappoints. This might be a wedding theme but I’d love to surprise guests with those macarons with metallic gold filling and a sparkly ombre cake for my 18th birthday.

Adriana Saipe

13. A Night at the Beach

If you plan to have your debut at the beach, todo mo na ‘teh. Bring in all the lights!

Weatherill Brothers

14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Bring Disneyland to you and your guests on this special day by giving out Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears as place ‘cards’ and surprising them with you best sparkly red dress.


15. Teal + Copper + Pink Motif

Who says you can’t bring Rose Quartz and Serenity to 2017?


16. Neon Carnival

This reminds me a lot of the Carnival in Rio. This theme is a gamechanger with its mainly neon displays illuminated by black light.


17. Hawaii Tropical Paradise

If you’re not a fan of the neon carnival theme, maybe a subtler Hawaiian theme with just pops of color would suit you.


18. Earth and the Stars

Loving every single thing in this party theme! The geometric stars and rocks contrast with the soft features of the decorative plants. Use this idea to decorate a simple navy blue and gold motif.


19. Peter Pan

Bring your guests back to their childhood through this Peter Pan theme. Maybe you can dress your 18 roses up in those Lost Boys hats and costumes too!

Janet Howard Studios

20. Cobblestone Streets and Old Cities

Bring back the memories of old cities and cobblestone streets with this outdoor vintage theme adorned with beautiful papercut banderitas and colorful roses. It’s almost like that time Rapunzel set foot in the town for the first time in the movie Tangled!

Bridal Musings

21. Beauty and the Beast

Try this papercut design for your invitations too. Reminds you right away of Belle and the Beast’s castle and their stained glass windows. Don’t forget the yellow bow and the red rose accent!


22. Tangled

Seems like a typical outdoor theme at first but just wait until you add in that sun symbol from Tangled plus some bits of pink and purple from Rapunzel’s dress.


23. Ancient Greek and Laurel Leaves

No chance, no way, I won’t say I’m… turning 18! Pretty sure the gods in Olympus made this theme.

Kennedy’s Jewelers

24. Kate Spade

One of the most unique ones I saw on Pinterest! Don’t worry though, it doesn’t say anything about giving anyone a Kate Spade bag.

Ivory House Creative

25. Doctor Who

And have (fake) book pages as your place cards and place mats too. If you’re going all out, a Doctor Who screwdriver for every guest!


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