The newest fake eyelashes sparkle and shine with a touch of a button. Designer Tien Pham’s light-up LED lashes called F.Lashes apply easy on the eyelids with a bit of eyelash glue and look like your regular black lashes at first. They will be up on Kickstarted sometime mid-July 2017.

F.Lashes LED Lashes are not your ordinary glitter lashes. These LED lashes are interactive. They move when your tilt your head from side to side, and also when you blink. 

By touching a small button attached to the back of your head by hair clips, the lashes light up and shine like fairy lights. And it doesn’t end there. These lashes have a sparkle mode and a dance mode too. Yes, a dance mode, for when you’re jumping up and down during a party.

During the Maker Faire in San Francisco, where the lashes made their debut, Tien Pham had been wearing them for 8 hours with no struggle or any problems. They don’t feel heavy at all and the battery lasts for a good 4 hours too. You don’t even see light in your eyes since the LED lights shine outward. says that the lashes come in single colors for now – pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green. However, new colors might be up for sale once they officially launch. Hope for a rainbow one!

Tien Pham also revealed that he will be changing up and adding more interactions before he launches these eyelashes on Kickstarter this mid-July 2017.

You can score an early bird special by subscribing to their mailing list through their website, You can even find them on Facebook for the latest updates.


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