With Instagram and Facebook constantly copying the main features of Snapchat, it’s time for the company to up their game and maybe venture to the hardware side of things.

Snap recently acquired a small drone retailer in Venice, California called Ctrl Me Robotics. As Buzzfeed reported, Snap just paid less than $1 million for the sinking company. Ctrl Me’s founder Simon Saito Nielsen will join Snap in an unspecified role, along with all of the company’s assets and equipment.

Snap has recently re-branded themselves as a company with the release of their Spectacles and we may see another change in that soon. It’s also worth to note that Ctrl Me didn’t had a chance to manufacture drones, instead, they fitted other drones to carry cameras. This means that a Snap-branded camera drone might be coming soon.

Meanwhile, let’s just respect Snap’s effort and list down everything that their competitors have copied:


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