Note to every competitive team in Dota 2: don’t give Puck to Sumail.

The Manila Masters ended yesterday with a grand finals match between Newbee and Evil Geniuses and it was a rematch of the winner’s bracket finals too. In a convincing 3-1 win for EG, there was one player who pretty much carried the whole series — it was Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, the 18-year-old mid-lane monster.

Whether using damage-dealing Ember Spirit or the escape-artist Puck, Sumail was the go-to guy for every game. One of the moments that made the pinoys scream was the quick and impossible escape of Sumail with Puck during game two:

To explain, Newbee was so determined to to kill off Sumail’s Puck to get the steam roll that they had to use Naga Siren’s last skill for one target only. As soon as the song ended, Sumail shoots out an illusory orb and phased shift to avoid both the impale and light strike array from Sand King and Lina Inverse. He then popped his Eul’s to give a momentary invulnerability then jaunts to the orb at the last possible moment and used his blink dagger to evade the pursuing Sand King.

Here are some more notable highlights:

Ember Spirit dodges Glimpse with Sleight of Fist (Sumail):

Triple Golem Control by Cr1t:

Storm Spirit 5-man Vortex (Sumail):

and the iconic Aegis Steal by Storm Spirit(Sumail):

But it was not only Sumail that carried the team. There’s also Ludwig “Zai” Wahlberg who supported everyone and made some memorable highlights that paved the way for EG’s victory. And of course, there’s the reliable carry “RTZ” who may have played a little bit poorly on some points of the game, but managed to deliver when the team needed him the most.

Evil Geniuses took home the Manila Masters Trophy and a cash prize of $125,000 or around Php 6,000,000.

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