Downloadable content, also known as DLC, has become the trend of modern games. During the early 2000’s, when you buy a game, it was yours to keep forever and you’ll get everything the game has to offer. Today, when you purchase a game, you’ll most likely get just a part of it and you’re force to pay another fee to get any additional parts or storyline that’s really enticing to buy. Here’s a simple meme to further explain our rage:

Up until now, developers and publishers continue to hold gaming content hostage, but we’re slowly beginning to rebel against the evils of DLC. Here are 5 reasons on why we should not support DLCs:

They’re probably going to release a Deluxe Edition

Often times, when a game is released, DLCs will start to trickle out for the game over the course of a year, or when the companies deem it fit. If you’re patient enough (which we suggest you to be), you can just wait for the complete edition to be released. Plus, it’s probably now priced the same as the Day One edition.

You could save more space for another game

This may be a hard one since DLCs typically entices people with new content for a certain game (especially if it’s a good game in the first place). But managing downloadable content on your console’s hard drive can be a nightmare when purchasing DLCs. Sometimes any content purchase will be inextricably tied to the game you’ve purchased it for that any DLC that you don’t back up may simply disappear from availability when you decide to play the same game in the future. That’s unlike Expansion packs which is similar to another version of the game that you’re playing.

The companies are just milking money out of you

Sadly, the main purpose of DLCs are just to get more money out of gamers. It also enabled these companies release an incomplete game. Think of it as a sugarcoated term for cramming. Because nothing in life is free, it’s now normalized that those who have purchased a game will pay again for the missing content the companies are going to release later on. Shame on you, gaming publishers.

DLC promotes Pay-To-Win games

If you’re playing a competitive game, people with greater skill should be the ones who win, not the people who spend more cash on the newest DLC weapon or anything similar that gives you a huge advantage. These kind of purchasable items will most likely create a hostile environment for players who don’t buy items. Why can’t they just release purchasable items that won’t affect the outcome of a game? Like Overwatch and Dota 2.

DLCs are definitely overpriced

There’s a huge amount of inconsistency between publishers and games when we’re talking about DLCs. Generally, it’s very difficult and nearly impossible to determine the rewards for your investment until the reviews are in. Whether you’re paying Php 100 for your character to look more badass or paying Php 1000 for one more hour of play in a world you love, breaking down and keeping track of the cost of enjoyment is necessary.

There you have it. If we can, let’s avoid purchasing DLCs as gaming companies will just get used to it and will give us more “incomplete games”. We just wish that everyone is like CD Projekt Red wherein their so-called DLCs are like expansion packs that actually gives us more hours of gameplay and giving us the feel that it’s like a whole new game altogether.

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