Add a little sparkle to your everyday outfit with these mermaid-cat pendants called purrmaids. They are so adorable and you can wear them everyday. You can even have yours customized to what your pet cat looks like!

Sarah from Girl And Her Cat on Etsy sells polymer clay pendants in the shape of a cat with a mermaid tail. These purrmaids are customizable, so you can ask cat to make a pendant of your favorite kind of cat with a tail of your favorite color and maybe even a unicorn horn.

Sarah also takes requests for other animals such as sloths, elephants, and bunnies! The pendants take 6 to 8 weeks after your purchase since it is delicately made by hand. Because of this, Sarah advises that she might just be booked until Christmas. But don’t fret. Just keep coming back to her Etsy page and maybe she’ll have an opening soon. Currently, her waitlist is on the hundreds so she had to close her Etsy list for a while.

Other than purrmaids, Sarah also makes caticorn heads, which is a decorative piece covered in chrome dust and sometimes in holographic glitter flakes.

New Caticorn using the chrome dust Pixiu from @solarcolordust At the art walk I sold out all the Caticorn heads! So more to come #Caticorn #unicorn #cats #totem #unicorncat #unicorns #unicornhorn #metallic #copper #chrome #solarcolordust #fantasy #kitten #sculpture #etsy #art #etsyshop #artwalk #etsyseller #unicat #minimalism #homedecor #rainbow #polymerclay #sculpey #clay #nature #handmade #kawaii #catsculpture

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Meanwhile, you can follow Sarah on Instagram for the latest updates and the cutest creations!

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