Ronaldo Valdez is named KFC’s first Filipino colonel after a week-long search. KFC Philippines surprised us all last week by posting an advertisement video stating that they are currently looking for the first Filipino KFC colonel among three of the country’s best actors – Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez, and Pen Medina. Each actor had their own personalities with Martinez being kind of like your favorite energetic tito and Pen Medina acting like a military colonel. In the end, it was the KFC Colonel look-alike Ronaldo Valdez who won and pledged allegiance to the bucket.

The ad shows the Filipino people all united in the grandstand to witness the inauguration of the country’s fried chicken leader. It is a momentous sight where people dressed in white and red waved their KFC flags and their drumsticks of chicken. People even stopped in their paths to watch the oath-taking. Meanwhile, Leo Martinez and Pen Medina sulked in their Colonel costumes while eating KFC’s famous fried chicken.

If you haven’t watched it all, here’s every Filipino Colonel Search video KFC Philippines released!

This first one features all the actors auditioning for the role. We can see all their unique personalities and what they brought to the table to bag this role.

Since people wanted more, they followed up with individual videos of the actors.

Here’s Leo Martinez sounding like a chicken.

And some tito moves courtesy of Ronaldo Valdez.

But we shouldn’t forget about Pen Medina’s arduous journey to get to this point.


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