iOS 11 is just around the corner with less than a week before we see the first iOS 11 beta release. It seems that everyone has completely forgotten about it because of the awesome rumors about the iPhone 8. There’s not much rumors going around but here are 11 features that we expect to hit on the next iteration of the mobile operating system of Apple.

No more 32-bit Support

We expected this coming. The time where Apple is going to finally drop the support on older iPhones like the 5C and iPad Mini 2. This means that Apple will have more control on the latest devices without compromising to support the 32-bit devices. This might mean that we’ll have better performance but it will also mean that they are going drop over 180,000 applications who haven’t adjusted yet to the 64-bit format.

Major Design Update

It might not be a surprise to tell you that the major design change on the iOS was 4 years ago back when Apple first released the iOS 7. We actually don’t blame Apple on this because the user interface found in the current operating system is pretty damn good. But with it being almost 5 years old, Apple has to change things up a bit. We expect iOS 11 to have new icons, some interface tweaks for better navigation and some changes on the default apps like maps and calculator. Rumors are also stating that the upcoming design changes are for the usability enhancement of the iPhone 8 and larger iPhones (simplicity and ease of use).

More Customization Options

A lot of people has been asking for this for a long time now and it’s about time that Apple heed the calls of its fans. We expect that the iOS 11 will have more customization feature that Jailbreaking will never come to mind.

Dark Mode

With Apple going to switch the displays of the next iPhones to OLED, they are also going to make use of this technology to bring the much awaited dark mode that’s been long requested by the community. I mean, what’s the use of an OLED display if you’re not going to showcase those deep blacks on the interface, right?

New Wallpapers

It’s already expected that we’re going to get new wallpapers because Apple has done this with every major update of the iOS (they’re also removing old ones too). But with the OLED screen coming to the next iPhone, we’re are expecting that majority of these wallpapers will have a dark design to showcase the awesome display.

Music App Revamp

If you’re already using third-part apps to listen to music like Spotify and Soundcloud, then you might want to skip on this. But if you’re a fan of the default Apple Music app, then you know that it’s a complete garbage. It’s so complicated and busy. But with Apple focusing a lot lately on their music videos and series like Carpool Karaoke, we expect that they also update the music app. Simpler user interface and smaller text would be best if you’re listening, Apple.

More Emojis

Emojis are a big part of Apple and it makes sense that they are going to update it. With Unicode 10.0 and Emoji 5.0, we’re going to see a lot of them on our keyboard (69, to be exact). There will some funny emojis like a vampire, dinosaur, mermaid and a genie.

Group Facetime

One of the longest and most requested by Apple fans is that Apple integrates a group call on Facetime. It’s been giving the competitors the chance to sway users away from the default app and Apple may completely stop this with the next update. There are already rumors that the group Facetime will support up to 5 people at once.

Completely New Version on the Ipad

With Microsoft stepping up their game with the release of the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, Apple is now threatened because the Ipad is now so far behind. With the iPad previously being treated like a “larger iPhone”, they now have to find a way to improve the device and bring back their customers. With that, they are expected to create a different version of the operating system for the iPad. With a huge improvement on the split-view screen, better drag and drop capabilities and enhanced multi-tasking, it looks like they are going to create a new and separate operating system for the iPad.

Working Handoff Feature

When the HandOff feature was first introduced, it gain a lot of popularity because of its cool features and a sense of good device connections. But now, it’s becoming a gimmick because not every apps support it. With iOS 11, it’s expected that the music music and podcast now will have a handoff feature and some more.

A Powerful Siri

With Alexa and Google Assistant leaving Siri behind, Apple is looking to upgrade their own personal assistant to keep up with the trend. They will make sure that Siri will sound a lot more natural compared to its previous robotic voice. It will also be a more intelligent and more naturally speaking with the addition of deep messages and iCloud integration.

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