Face towels aren’t helping your acne breakouts at all. Aside from other factors like diet, hormones, and certain medications, your face towels might be the reason why your acne won’t get better no matter how many times you cleanse.

What causes pimples?

To save you from all the scientific and technical stuff, here’s the thing you need to know about pimples – they are formed when your oil glands become clogged and infected by dead skin cells and increase in oil production. Pimples aren’t caused by dirt and the pollution outside, but from your body’s response to hormone imbalance, stress, and food intake.

Can bacteria from towels cause acne too?

As for towels, they harbor a lot of bacteria since it’s only washed maybe once a week. Especially if you don’t properly cleanse, your makeup and sunscreen might still be on your towel all this time. Rubbing your face with its coarse texture might worsen acne that’s already present and can further irritate your skin.

Towels don’t cause acne, but they do worsen them. So if you’re prone to pimples and constant breakouts, here’s the proper way to dry your face after cleansing.

Some of my friends use tissue paper or toilet paper but I find that it’s a bit too coarse for my skin, and that it leaves little fibers on my face.

Use a cleansing sponge instead.

Instead of using a face towel, try using a cleansing sponge. (You can also try the konjac sponge for cleansing and exfoliation, but I’ll save that for another article.) A cleansing sponge is this white squishy and soft material made to take skincare or any product off your skin. If you find yourself lost in the beauty section, it looks like a flat egg!

How do you use a cleansing sponge?

When you apply your oil cleanser or your water cleanser, don’t rinse it off. Use a clean cleansing sponge to wipe off the product. If you absolutely must rinse, use the cleansing sponge to pat your face dry.

Cleansing sponges are a lot cleaner than your regular towels because you can wash them after every use. After drying your face with this, make sure to scrub and wash the sponge with your regular antibacterial soap. You can then squeeze out the excess water and there you go, it’s ready for another round of facial cleansing.

And because it is white, you can clearly see the makeup coming off. You can use this to check if you’ve properly taken off all remaining makeup and sunscreen.

Where can I buy this sponge?

You can buy cleansing sponges from almost all major Korean roadshop brands like The Face Shop and Tony Moly! I bought mine from The Face Shop and it’s around P85 if I’m not mistaken. It lasts a good two months or so as long as you wash it carefully and not wring it too much that it breaks the material.


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