Dubbed as Coral World Park Undersea Resorts, the infamous resort was first reported back in January and it had plans for an underwater theme park in Coron through Nickelodeon’s parent company Viacom International Media Networks. Here are the things that you need to know:

It’s confirmed to push through

After weeks of controversy, it seems like the Nickelodeon resort developers is still going to push through on their controversial theme park in Coron, Palawan. And today, it was also confirmed by the Department of Tourism.

DOT promises that they will not destroy the corals

DOT Secretary Wanda Teo said in an interview in CNN that “They’re going to pursue that. The owner went to us… this year. They told us that they are not going to destroy the corals. The restaurant will be floating, and they will be able to see [the corals]… Of course we know that we will preserve the place.”

It won’t be an underwater theme park

The developers of the coming theme park clarified to everyone that the project won’t be an underwater theme park that’s been going around the social media. They stated that it will be a “resort and attraction… Which we are designing as an undersea attraction with an ocean conservation.”

There will be condominiums nearby

According to the developers, there’s a possibility that condominiums may also be built on land, but it is not clear yet if the same developers will be creating them. They stated: “Actually [there is] a place where they will be building condominiums. They have already identified the place.”

They also clarified “No master plan has been revealed to the public” and following international standards, “everything is still in the planning stages.”

They haven’t talked to the local government yet

While the department of tourism already confirmed that Nickelodeon will be building the said theme park, the Tourism Committee told in an interview that there has been “no formal communication” given to the local government yet.

DOT stated “We’d like to inform you there has been no formal letter of intent that has been received by the [LGU] of Coron, both [in] legilative and executive [offices].”

“As of today, we can’t say if we’re pro or against it because we haven’t received any documentation,” said Sadhwani. “Obviously if they pass the process, walang problema yun [that’s no problem]… you have a right to have a business. (If not), obviously, hindi ka makakabukas ng resort [you can’t open a resort].”

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.



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