With the huge success albeit short of Niantic’s Pokemon Go, Nintendo is now making their own take on the popular franchise for the smartphone. It’s called Pokeland.

It’s basically a fusion between Pokemon Go and the older Rumble Edition. It let’s you duel with other trainers all while having the freedom to collect and train different Pokemon.

It’s expected to arrive on both iOS and Android. The game also requires you to have internet connection and it also utilize the use of your Nintendo Account to save files. Today marks Nintendo’s Android-only alpha test that’s limited to the first 10,000 sign-ups. While players will have six islands, 52 different stages, 15 levels and 134 Pocket critters to explore, they won’t be able to transfer their accumulated player data once the official app launches.

Alpha testing is slated to run in Japan until June 9. Unfortunately, there is no word about the international release yet.

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