The hills are alive in this beautiful town of Bergün in Switzerland. The flowers bloom like that summer ending scene in Frozen and the lakes are crystal clear. Everything’s perfect… except you can’t take photos of it.

According to TODAY, Bergün has officially banned photography for tourists for one reason – because it’s too beautiful and people at home may be a tad bit too jealous.

Bergün right now! The weather couldn’t be any better! ☀️🌼🐝 #bergün #filisur

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Once upon a time…. What a wonderful shot by @yingxingdelia #filisur #bergün

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And just in case you still can’t believe it, they do have a real street sign for it.

#hertamlimit #hertamlimitgsi😂 #chleinärebel

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Bergün Mayor Peter Nicolay even has a video showing you all the beautiful sights and cows you will encounter in their small town. And he also says that he understands if you just can’t help take photos. Because of this, until the photography ban has been lifted, anyone with a camera will be given a special permit to ‘snap away’!

This publicity stunt might or might not fine you for taking photos though. From the TODAY article, you might pay $5 for just bringing your camera. But don’t worry though, think of it as their tourism fee which keeps their town in perfect and pristine condition!

We just can’t get over how beautiful this town is! Everything seems so peaceful and calm with their lush greens and seemingly quiet neighborhood. To escape to this country paradise from the hustle and bustle of the city is a total need right this moment. Now we understand why the mayor banned photography.

What a prefect shot at our perfectly beautiful lake Palpuogna. Photo by @anna.kokoschinski

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That’s what Piz Forun looked like on Easter sunday. Covered with some fresh snow. Photo by @kitkat_ch – #bergün #Filisur

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Spectacular drone shot of the Landwasser Viaduct and its red train. Taken by @zweidreisieben – #filisur #bergün

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Bergün not long ago. Now the snow is gone and we are ready for spring. Beautifule capture by @luluenvogue – #bergün #filisur

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What a great capture from our beautiful Lai da Palpuogna in its stunning autumn colours. Photo by @omdphoto

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