Let’s move away from the iOS 11 and talk about the surprise Apple had in store for us: during WWDC 2017, Apple officially acknowledged support for external graphics enclosures. In case you didn’t know, these are dedicated graphics card that you can plug in to your laptop or desktop through Thunderbolt 3 to give you increased performance.

But wait, there’s something even more surprising. Apple is actually selling an external graphics enclosure through a developer kit. This kit includes an AMD Radeon RX 580, 350-watt power supply, USB-C hub, and an HTC Vive all for $599 (around Php30,000.00) which actually a reasonable price. You can always replace the graphics card included in the kit but we’re pretty sure that Apple has already optimized the included 580 in there.

Just to be clear, we already have the freedom of using an external graphics card like the Razer Core to the Mac, it was the official acknowledgement from Apple that pushed us out of our seats. Thank you, Apple, maybe someday we’d get to officially say that Macs can be a gaming device too.


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