The chicken wing craving is a tough one. While you can get gopd fried chicken just about anywhere, the best chicken wings in Manila belong to only a few. Here are our top 5 best chicken wings restaurants in Metro Manila.

Just recently, Food Panda PH invited us to their Good Food Tour: Buffalo Wings Edition event where we spent hours devouring chicken wing after chicken wing. We were able to taste a variety of unique wing flavors like salted egg and Pinoy adobo. A spicy chicken wings eating contest was also held so we were also able to taste one restaurant’s mega spicy buffalo wings, something we both enjoyed and regretted later on. But big thanks to the free fried ice cream we got. Except it didn’t really put out the heat as quickly as we expected. Still fun though.

While our tongues were on fire, and not in the Biblical sense, we were still game to spend the rest of the night with amazing people and load of tasty chicken wings.

Anyway, here are our favorites from the tour and some of our own picks too!

Buffalo’s Wings ‘n’ Things

Now I understand why there’s always a bunch of people in all the Buffalo’s Wings ‘n’ Things in Manila. The chicken was thoroughly cooked yet still tender and the flavors really stick to the meat and not like a separate skin. Buffalo’s takes pride in their spicier wings flavors but if you plan to try their hottest, you might have to sign a waiver first. For real!

For wings, I recommend the jalapeño one since the spice is just right and the flavor just bursts in your mouth. For starters, their cheese and bacon criss-cut fries is a good choice! It’s real bacon and not those disappointing bacon bits in a bottle. Buffalo’s is best enjoyed with a group it’s more sulit that way.

Frankie’s Wings

A lot of people I know love Frankie’s newer flavors but if you’re going here for a meal, order the original recipe. It’s sweet and flavorful, just right if you’re looking for a simple chicken wing meal.

Frankie’s is also home to the Salted Egg chicken wings we mentioned earlier. Though they use powder to flavor the meat, the exact taste of the salted egg is still apparent. They say this flavor is mildly spicy but I beg to differ. It’s really just that salted egg taste you know and love with only a teenie tiny bit of labuyo. You won’t even notice it!

Wingman PH

Wingman was our last stop in the Good Food Tour. After a long day, we capped it off with this pleasantly unique experience involving adobo flavored wings and free shirts.

The owner set up this quiz night which they do quite regularly in the restaurant. He gave out around 15 to 20 random questions and whoever team answered the most will win free shirts. Of course, your highly competitive Typist team won the coveted award.

But more than our freebies and bragging rights, we were able to enjoy their one of a kind adobo wings which they call Wing dela Cruz. These adobo wings are tribute to the Filipino dish most, if not all, of us grew up with. While adobo can vary per family or restaurant, Wingman’s Wing dela Cruz was able to capture that nostalgic taste of soy sauce and spice we yearn to come home to.

Sunrise Buckets

Sunrise Buckets is a highly recommended wings place, at least from the people we know. Served by the bucket, Sunrise Buckets’ chicken wings will leave you wanting for more, and more, and more. One bucket isn’t enough for this one! Exploring new flavors? Try the restaurant’s own concoctions!

B. Wings

If you’re a Katipunan girl/guy, you would know what this is. B. Wings is a small wings restaurant at the back of the main Katipunan Avenue serving one of the best wings you will ever taste in your life. If you’re looking for a reason to go to the North, I swear this is it.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had lunch, dinner, and merienda in B. Wings. Besides, I never got disappointed with their flavors. It’s just perfectly done with that tender and juicy meat and flavorful blends that will surely have you shedding a tear or two.

In B. Wings, our choice is the Black Mamba. It’s a sweet a spicy chicken wing flavor with hints of cocoa. Yup, the thing that makes chocolate. They have really witty names for their flavors too like B. Nay and Barack O’Pakpak. For only 150 a meal, it’s one of the most affordable solo chicken wing meals you would find in the city.



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