Every time the credits roll on our favorite games, we’re used to assume that we’ll be happy, the story ends with a high note, we saved the damsel in distress or even saved the world from an impending doom. And that’s okay and pretty much expected. But there are some good games that went against the flow and actually risked to give us gamers an unsatisfying closure in order to explain to us a different story. Here are some games that even though they will burn you out because of a sad ending, you should still make an effort to play it because it’s actually good.

Since we’re talking about endings, prepare for major spoilers (duh.)

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

If you’ve played the first season of the game, you now that it was quite the tear jerker because of its dramatic story. With that, there’s no more distressing moment in the final episode where the character Lee is bitten by a zombie and knows that his fate is basically set in stone. It was heartbreaking when his surrogate daughter, Celementine, isn’t ready to survive without him but has to accept her destiny anyway. With the thrill of a zombie apocalypse and the dramatic life of Lee proved that it was one of the most heartbreaking moments in these type of game.

You taught Celementine how to survive in this apocalyptic world and the difference of what is right and wrong. It’s so hard not to be sentimental at all.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

One of the best games ever made turned out to have a sad ending. Maybe that’s the secret of being a great game? Snake Eater starts out pretty depressing as Snake’s mentor and his one and only friend turned out to be a defector. He was put into a mission where he had to kill his one and only friend.

And he did the deed, eventually. But the real reason they were all in the jungle is more complicated as it seemed. The Boss didn’t truly betrayed the US, she infiltrated the enemy’s base and pretended to consult for his army while she searched for the location of the secret cash of funds that the enemy planned to use. Once she found the secret cache, she was to give it to Snake, who would then kill her in order to avoid an international incident. Snake and The Boss’s personal feelings and integrity were just mere tools for politics.

The Last of Us

If you’ve already played the game back in PS3 days, you might think that the ending wasn’t sad at all. It was the opening scene where Joel watched his daughter die in front of him that was heartbreaking. As the story progress, Joel became fond with Ellie and basically became his surrogate father. Their whole adventure to find the cure put the two of them in to very tough situations, and it made them closer to each other to the point that Joel was ready to die for Ellie if the need arises.

But towards the ending, Joel realized that he had to let go of Ellie as they need to examine her to find the cure. But Joel became selfish and escaped with Ellie. Isn’t it sad? You prioritized your own happiness so much that you didn’t give humanity the chance to save themselves. You’d rather have an apocalyptic world than seeing your beloved daughter die. I mean, we get why Joel did that and maybe we’d all done the same. It goes to show that this game is so realistic, it hurts.

And that’s about it. We’re sure that there are still some good games out there that’s packed with a sad ending. If you have some recommendation, the comments section is the place to be.

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