Brave an 8-hour drive to enjoy this peaceful town in the Northern region of the Philippines. To fully enjoy your experience, here are the 10 best places to stay in Vigan from Airbnb.

The Historic City of Vigan has earned its rightful place as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with its perfectly kept vision of the Spanish colonial town in the archipelago. Calle Crisologo is known for their cobblestone streets and walkways that will instantly transport you to either modern day European towns or back in the day where our ancestors still wore their baro’t saya around town. Vigan is also a part of the New7Wonders along with Beirut, Doha, Durban, Havana, Kuala Lumpur and La Paz because of its unique fusion of Western and Oriental architecture and culture.

Not the culture type? Too bad. But that’s fine, you can grab a bowl of Sinanglao at the First Sinanglaoan by the Vigan Post Office whenever you’re hungry. At night, I would recommend going to the plaza and having your share of the Vigan empanada, bagnet, and the famous Vigan longganisa.

1. Papang Cet’s Guest House

Private Room – 2 Guests

Papang Cet’s guest house resembles your usual city townhouse with its tight-knit houses with the exact same look. It’s a peaceful and quiet home one tricycle away from the famous Calle Crisologo. Quick tip: You can have breakfast arranged by host Cely for a good price. And they also have a massage table so you can also ask the host if you want to call in the local massage therapist. That’s one superhost right there.

2. Amerie’s New Home

Private Room – 3 Guests

Amerie’s place is a clean minimalist home that won’t take you too far away from your real home. With complete amenities, it’s the perfect place to come back to after a long day walking outside. You can walk to Calle Crisologo from here, by the way. And don’t worry, Vigan is relatively safer than some cities in the country so it’s okay to walk! Amerie will also serve you breakfast in the morning but give her a head’s up first!

3. San Vicente Farm House

Entire Home – 5 Guests

A bit far from the center of Vigan City, this farm house will really give life to all your country home dreams. At first, I was hesitant to put this on the list since it’s not really inside Vigan but hey, it’s got 32 4- to 5-star reviews so it better be included! San Vicente Farm House is an escape from the city stress. With their own dragon fruit and mango plantation, you’ll get a glimpse of the daily Ilokano rural life. If you still plan on going to Vigan City,  it’s just P20 a person by tricycle.

4. Modern Glass House

Entire Home – 16+ Guests

Going as a group? This modern glass house near central Vigan is your best bet. It is incredibly near the Bantayan Bell Tower, one of the top places to visit in the Historic City. Host Karen Joy is a Superhost too, so you know you’re definitely in good hands.

5. Santo Domingo Home

Entire Home – 16 Guests

Vigan City, though peaceful at most times, is still a hustling and bustling town with many, many activities. This is why some people prefer staying in the towns beside it. If you’re one of those people, this house in Santo Domingo should be good for you. It’s a beautiful home 10 to 20 minutes away from Vigan so yeah, you’re still quite near the action. This house is a cozy place to stay for big groups because it’s spacious and has those beds that mimic the ones from the old times.

6. Del Señor Home

Shared Room – 2 Guests

If you’re in for that true historical experience, Del Señor Home offers guests to stay in a house that has been in Vigan City for a long time. This really looks like the mansion of a high-ranking official back in the day. They even kept the furniture. Although they’ve posted it as a shared room in Airbnb, private rooms are available too!

7. Vigan Beach House

Entire Home – 15 Guests

There’s this small secluded beach in Santo Domingo only a handful talk about. It’s not the best beach in the Philippines but just thinking about waking up to the smell of ocean breeze should be enough reason for you to book this modern minimalist home. This beach house for rent on Airbnb can accommodate up to 15 people with their four fully-furnished bedrooms and spacious common rooms.

8. Jellijoh Place

Entire Home – 16 Guests

This heritage guesthouse is only a short drive away from the Vigan City Proper and Hidden Garden. Guests who have been here say you will really feel at peace in this house since it’s far away from the noise. They offer the whole house for rent since it’s still a comfortable place to stay even for 16 guests.

9. Nitelife Transient House

Private Room – 8 Guests

Just passing by Vigan on the way to Ilocos Norte? This transient house is one of the most recommended and highly reviewed ones on Airbnb. Although don’t expect too much though, it is a transient home so you won’t get the same comfort and space as compared to a hotel or a private house. But if you’re just in Vigan City to spend the night, this can be your first choice!

10. Manzante Farm House

Entire Home – 16 Guests

With 1.2 hectares of land, this 1961 farm house is great for big groups needing that large space. The house itself is roomy but somehow you’re still feeling cramped up, you can just head outside and take a breather in their little bahay kubo or just appreciate their vast greenery.


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