The other day, Apple announced the latest iteration of their popular operating system. While we regular users are still waiting until September to try out the new iOS 11 on our devices, developers are already enjoying their early access with the beta version.

Youtubers and forum members who have already explored the beta version of iOS 11 are reporting that Apple has silently included a full playback support for FLAC audio files in the system. This means that users can now play high-quality music from their devices without the need of 3rd party apps or jailbreak.

The said feature was first discovered on an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 11 Beta 1 and is available as part of Files, Apple’s new file-management app.

Previously, Apple didn’t support the playback of FLAC audio files in both iTunes and iOS nad users had to resort in installing third-party apps to play them. Now, Apple is doing their best to support every file type with their native app.

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