We all know Tekken. It’s been around ever since and we always see it in arcades. It’s not easy to master but it’s fun to play. And with its latest iteration, Tekken 7, it really feels like there’s no middle ground between button-mashing and dishing out ultra-long combos.

This is going to be purely subjective, but here’s our list of the top 7 best characters to play in Tekken 7.

Steve Fox

Steve Fox doesn’t know how to kick. You may think that missing a whole new dimension of attacks would make him weak, but there’s a reason why he’s on this list. As boxer, not only you become a master at throwing punches but you also master the art of weaving and evading attacks.

Both of the kick buttons become dodges, ducks, spins and weaves that allow you to constantly set up and punish your opponents for not hitting you. With that, there is almost no attack that Steve Fox can evade, as long you know when to time those weaves.


Ah Hwoarang. Back when I was a child, when me and my older brother play Tekken, I use Hwoarang and press the kick button and get an instant win. But on an advanced level (which I didn’t really learn), Hwoarang can kick real ass.

What makes Hwoarang a special character is his ability to trick opponents with several different feints and interchangeable moves. In order to get good with Hwoarang or even beat him, you’ll need to memorize all his foot motion.

Kazuya Mishima

Lore-wise, Kazuya was once believed to be the protagonist of the Tekken series and maybe he still is. He’s the son of Heihachi and the father of Jim. He’s been gifted with the Devil Gene to so he can turn into an powerful beast. What makes him better than his father is that he’s much faster when it comes to close combat.

His well-rounded approach and the ability to dish out insane damage makes him one of the most powerful characters in the game.


Our chance to relive the WWE back then. King has been in the series from the very beginning which makes him a very familiar character to play it. With a WWE fighting style, his moves are pretty damn powerful when he gets the chance to land it.

If you master being patient and actually block the attacks of the enemy, King becomes an absolute powerhouse. Even his simple punch and kicks can be combined together for some big damages to the opponent’s health bar.


With the huge popularity gained by Street Fighter x Tekken, it should come as no surprise to see the demon to come running down this list of Tekken 7 characters. They may have weakened the character a bit to accommodate the skill rating of Tekken, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Akuma is the only character that has an EX/Super meter, and if you get to fill this up, he can deal massive amounts of damage. When it comes to defense and sheer power, there really aren’t many better than this demon of a man.

Nina Williams

Nina has been around ever since the first Tekken was released back in the arcades and the PlayStation 1. And the fact that she’s been around for so long, testifies that she’s no joke.

Nina isn’t that powerful when it comes to basic attacks but she’s fast. Her fighting style revolves around long combos and covering herself from side stepping foes, making her perfect for dealing with other quick characters. She has the ability to break enemy’s defenses and attack them from different angles. Plus, her long combo is one of the easiest to execute.


If you’re going to judge the character built of Bob, you would think that you can easily evade and move around him. He’s big but don’t judge a book by its cover as he’s actually of the fastest characters in the game.

Bob is an expert in three areas: power, speed, and defense. He can execute some quick-ass combos with ease, break through defenses without breaking a sweat, and even has some nice defense for himself, too. If you combine all these aspects you proves why he is picked often.

And that’s about it. If you think we that other characters should be included in the list, the comments section is the place to be.

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