9-year-old Filipino-American Angelica Hale wows the judges and receives a standing ovation after delivering a powerful performance at the America’s Got Talent competition. Angelica Hale performed Andra Day’s Rise Up with so much passion that had the audience standing up just after she sung her first line. Angelica also told the judges that her dream in life is to be the next Whitney Houston. Sounds a  bit too much? Nah, I’m a hundred percent sure she’s already on her way there.

Angelica Hale is no stranger to the performing world. When she was only 4 years old, she needed a kidney transplant to hopefully end the battle with double pneumonia and bacterial infections. Thankfully, her mom, Eva Bolando, was a match and the transplant was successful. Because of this miracle, Angelica Hale decided to share her music to those who are in need. She has been raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta using her many powerful performances. Yes, she wants to be a famous person but this is so that she can give back.

The young singer says that she will never forget her journey in the hospital. She was fighting for her life. But now that she’s all better, she wants other children who went through the same thing as her, experience the life she is experiencing now. While she knows she is not be able to cure them directly, she is doing all that she can to help them out.

Joining America’s Got Talent is just one of her ways to help raise funds for the benefit of the hospitals around the country. She has been performing since a young age, for exclusive events for the Food Network and even for Miss America 2016.


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