Found yourself lost in the hundreds of beauty and makeup videos on YouTube? Well, here’s the Typist Beauty section to help you out. Here are our 10 Best How to Apply Makeup for Beginners Tutorial Videos so you don’t have to rummage through 2 million search results.

These are the makeup tutorials that I personally swear by. Makeup was a long process for me since I terribly suck at motor movement so it took me a good 2 years to finally be able to do my makeup in 5 minutes and look fab. However, beauty really is experimentation. These are guides to help you get started but ultimately it’s your face and you’ll know how to bend and break the makeup rules to suit your skin and address your own needs.

Take time to learn and good luck!


Jennifer Chiu’s method of putting on eyebrows is exactly what I do everyday, minus the pomade. Line, fill in, and blend with a spoolie are the basic things you need to know from this video. I suggest you follow the natural shape of your eyebrows first and master that. After doing so, you can move on to trying to remove the arch for a straight brow or intensifying it like Veronica Lodge’s brows for that edgy look.


Bubzbeauty is my go-to YouTube makeup artist for eyeshadow. She makes it seem so easy since the tutorial’s paced for beginners to be able to follow. To give you a brief background, Bubz has been in the makeup scene for so long that she was able to create her very own brush line and makeup palette (that I highly recommend by the way!).

Cut Crease

Cut crease is one of the more difficult eyeshadow looks. It’s especially hard for ‘Asian’ eyes since our creases aren’t that defined nor do we have large eyelid space to work on. This tutorial beats all of that, doing a beautiful and easy cut crease that can you can definitely follow. She doesn’t do anything dramatic, which makes this simple cut crease wearable for everyday too.


Michelle Phan’s eyeliner tutorial is one of my OG tutorials. It’s the first I watched when I was still learning and still the one I watch when I end up failing at drawing my liner three days in a row. Michelle shows you a bunch of ways you can line so you can easily pick one that’s best for you.


Honestly, blending foundation all over my face is not much of a concern to me. What confuses me the most is how exactly I should find the right foundation shade for me. Melissa Alatorre’s video on foundation matching is a lifesaver. She tells you all about undertones and other factors that can contribute to a true or fake match. A fake match might be the foundation shade that matches your skin tone accurately but when applied all over will actually make your face look dull and grey. Watch Melissa’s video to know how to match properly!


To be honest, I learned contouring from NikkieTutorials, but she might be a little intense for beginners. Tina Yong’s contour tutorial is just right, it won’t overwhelm you and it won’t dumb you down either. Her way of contouring is subtle and natural just to put back color to your face after a layer or two of foundation.

False Eyelashes

Still NOT an expert at putting on lashes but here’s Tina Yong again with her incredibly easy tutorials. Instead of squeezing lash glue directly on the lash, she puts it on her hand then uses a tool to apply an even layer on the band.

Full face

I would go with Michelle Dy’s makeup tutorial because it’s simple and straight to the point. It’s your basic everyday makeup tutorial but with Michelle’s fun personality AND Filipino makeup brands you should really try for once!

For Dark Skin

Tina’s full face makeup tutorial for darker skin tones is a must-watch. She’s a pro at evening out your skin tone then bringing back the natural contours of the face. She tops everything off with a beautiful nude glossy lip, bold brows, and a gorgeous smokey eye.

For Monolid Eyes

If you haven’t heard of Ivan Lam, well just take a look at this YouTube video and you’ll be hooked right away. It might be hard for some beginners with monolids to do eyeshadow and liner for the first time but Ivan works around his and makes his tutorials easy peasy.

Good luck!


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