I still have no idea how the hairy sexy chest swimsuit by Beloved Shirts took the Internet by storm. One moment it was a peaceful day on Facebook and then another moment, swimsuits with hairy chests on them just kept popping up. What is happening to the world? But that’s fine, the summer season is about humor too.

“Make the pool boy say WTF,” as their slogan says, with this unique one-piece swimsuit with a hairy man’s chest printed on its front AND a hairy back on the other side. The swimsuit comes in three colors, a fair one, tan, and dark to suit any skin tone. This swimsuit line is more inclusive than most things nowadays, tbh. But kidding aside, this sexy chest swimsuit is only one of Beloved Shirt’s many funny and meme-able apparel including a Hotdog Belovesie that covers even your head and a Kim Jong Un sweatshirt, a long-sleeved top with Kim Jong Un’s whole face on your belly.

I can’t shake the feeling that somebody’s… watching me 💬Chat with us – link in bio 👀BELOVEDSHIRTS.COM👀

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Eyes up here fam 👀BELOVEDSHIRTS.COM👀

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How much is the Sexy Chest swimsuit and where do I get one?

The Sexy Chest Swimsuit retails for $44.95 on the Beloved Shirts website. All three colors are priced the same and the site comes with a sizing guide so you can be sure it’ll fit once it gets to you – in an opaque packaging hopefully. Because of the influx of orders, it might take a good 10 days before they start shipping it to you. When you visit the website, there are even popups when people buy it and one guy from Canada just bought one 40 minutes ago.

Most of Beloved Shirts’ swimsuits are made out of nylon/spandex.

Beloved Shirts Website

What does it look like when worn?

Yeah I’m just going to leave these images here and have you decide on that. They’re pretty cool, actually. It actually looks like your own chest.

Would you buy it though?


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