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WATCH: Ellen Page In Trailer For The ‘Flatliners’ Remake

Ellen Page takes on death in new ‘Flatliners’ remake

“It’s a good day to die.”

Ellen Page makes anything watchable—partly the reason why I’m admittedly a bit invested in her new sci-fi/horror film, Flatliners. It’s a remake of the 1990 cult classic starring Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kevin Bacon. On this iteration, Page stars alongside Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, and James Norton.

Here’s the trailer:

The premise is as bonkers as you’d expect: a group of suspiciously gorgeous-looking med students decide it is a great idea to kill someone and bring him/her back minutes later. You know, for science. As horror conventions will have it, the would-be doctors bring something from the other side back to ours.

Although perhaps a bit clumsily, the idea has been touched upon in Charlie McDowell’s The Discovery, which places an entire population in a fatal conundrum after a scientist proves the existence of afterlife.

Flatliners, of course, is a different beast. The trailer teases enough scares for me to jump in. The film is slated for a September release in the U.S.; no specific date has been announced for us folks in the Philippines, but studios assure me it’s coming to us very soon.


Dank memes fuel ma vie.

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