Initially reported by Mashable, these shoes like the ones from the movie Back to the Future II were sold for a whopping $52,500 (~P2,626,000). These sneakers look sleek and mighty right off the bat, but really there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Nike Air Mag, as they have been named, uses Hyperadapt Technology making self-lacing possible. No more fumbling around with loose laces! Some details of the shoes also light up in different colors like how you would see them in the film.

Last 2011, Nike also released a replica of the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in the movie. However, the Nike sneakers back then were not capable of self-lacing. On the other hand, the recent Nike Air Mags we’ve been talking about were released in 2016 with the hyperadapt technology but only in limited quantities.

Heritage Auctions

Today, at a public auction hosted by Heritage Auctions, the shoes were put up for sale and sold for almost $53,000 making the offer a world record for a collectible sneaker sold at public auction.

A pair of Nike Air Mags were also sold for $104,000 (~P5,200,00), another world record but for a private auction. This auction was raising money for the benefit of the Michael J. Fox Foundation supporting research and aiming to cure patients with Parkinson’s Disease.


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