Here are the things you can learn from Google’s We Wear Culture. But first, here’s a background on what the project is about.

Google We Wear Culture

We Wear Culture by Google is part of the Google Arts & Culture program that aims to educate people on the diversity and colorfulness of culture from one end of the world to another. According to lifestyle and fashion site HelloGiggles, Google has partnered with over 180 schools, museums, along with other institutions and organizations to bring you everything you’ve always wanted to know about certain fashion pieces.

And we’re talking about access to information on over 30,000 fashion pieces from 3,000 years back to right at this very moment.

The idea from which We Wear Culture was based upon was that fashion is more than just the choice of what to wear everyday and what’s currently trending all around the globe. Fashion is  history, and it carries with it thousands of years of innovation, development, and even human struggles.

In this platform you learn about famous designers and trendsetters from way back including Coco Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Audrey Hepburn. A multimedia gallery will be available once you choose a topic to learn about. This includes photos from galleries and exhibits, videos still on YouTube, and even pictures of the actual shoes or clothing pieces from Google’s partner museums.

Google We Wear Culture

We Wear Culture can also teach you about the origin stories of many iconic pieces like the history and making of a kimono, Switzerland’s lace-making tales, and the stories behind the sari.

In the Philippines, Google has partnered with the Ayala Museum to give the history behind and the art of the malong, one of the country’s most famous textiles. The experience alone is breathtaking. It mimics how one would be browsing the exhibits inside the museum, a telling of the beginnings before the differentiation of the kinds and uses of the piece. Did you know a malong can double as a curtain and a bag?

Google We Wear Culture

The Art of the Malong exhibit even features a close inspection of the textiles for viewers to see the common motifs sewn onto them. There’s even a tradition called ‘patola’ that comes all the way from India.

If you have that affinity towards fashion, the arts, and the culture behind all of them, the We Wear Culture project by Google will make you cry. Really. I know I did. If not, then you should probably consider visiting the site too. It gives a totally new perspective on the popular fashion trends nowadays as well as how art and the happenings around the world influenced such.

Visit the We Wear Culture by Google here.


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