Sometimes, video game companies decide to try something unique to their already-successful titles. Often times, they became somewhat successful, but most of the time it’s just weird. Here are 4 weird spinoff games that you to know.

Pokemon Pinball

There are a lot of Pokemon games that moved away from the original gameplay. You usually go around, capture various Pokemon, train them and attempt to be the very best (like no one ever was). But sometimes they move away from those kinds of things that entice you to experience something new. Then there’s Pokemon Pinball. Super weird but kind of fun.

Found on the Gameboy Color, Pokemon Pinball is a pretty standard pinball game, except you use the Pokemon you know as bumpers. Weird right?

Fallout Tactics

Who would have thought that the Fallout would be connected to terms like slow and methodical? No one. But then came Fallout Tactics. It basically combines the world of Fallout with the action-adventure of playing chess against your grandfather.

And of course, it’s a bad idea. Aside from the point of the game itself, it has bad graphics and pointless story.

Halo Wars

Basically the same rant for Fallout Tactics. Halo Wars was the game you didn’t know you hated. While Halo games revolutionized shooters, this game revolutionized how little people could care about a Halo game.

And what the hell is that title? Why would you add “War” when all we know that Halo is about war.


I actually like this game. But come on now, Dissidia? What kind of video game title is that? But since it’s really a nice game, we might as well add Dissidia with the meaning “best-selling game”.

While this game is super weird at first, I admit that it is one of my most favorite game in the PSP. In it, you play as dozens of different characters from different Final Fantasy games and you just… punch each other a lot and juggle your enemies in the air. If you haven’t played it yet, just imagine Kingdom Hearts but you play as Final Fantasy characters.


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