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The Pizza Bath Bomb Exists And It Actually Smells Like Pizza

You can now submerge a pizza in your bath and be happy about it. A pizza bath bomb exists and its was created by BathesdaBoutique on Etsy. It is shaped and colored like the real thing and it can also smell like pizza if you want. If not, you can always request for it to be made with other fragrances like eucalyptus.

Soooo tempting… 🤤🤤🤤 DEMO TOMORROW!!!

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This bath bomb looks way too realistic. It has that iconic triangle shape with a curved crust, plus the toasty and cheesy base for the pepperoni, bell peppers, olives, and meat balls. Did that make your mouth water? Well, before anything else, this bath bomb is not edible no matter how much it looks and smells like it.

BECAUSE pizza is #bae… duh! 😏💁🍕Demo coming soon!

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Okay, so what does it look like dropped in water? It looks amazing if I do say so myself. It’s a mesmerizing blue, yellow, and orange fizz that ends up looking like a big rainbow in the tub. And it’s not just color! The pizza bath bomb ingredients include alcohol, mica powder, fragrance, FDA approved coloran, and  organic coconut oil according to her Etsy listing.

BathesdaBoutique / Etsy

Here’s a demo!

PIZZA DEMO!!! Will be up in the shop soon! 🍕🍕🍕

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Currently, the item on Etsy is out of stock but since BathesdaBoutique was pleasantly surprised with how her savory bath bomb went viral on the internet, she might just restock this soon!

BathesdaBoutique is known for her realistic and fun looking bath bombs. She has these adorable Kakamora bath bombs with hidden colors (and probably the heart of Te Fiti) inside. There’s a cinnamon roll coming soon too! Best part? They’re all hand made with love.

GOOD MORNING! Who wants cinnamon rolls for breakfast? 😊😊😊 This is a NEW EDITION to our "Just Desserts" line!

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