Atari plays a vital role in gaming. Playing as an initial giant in the 80’s and 70’s, the company is indirectly responsible for the peaks and valleys of the console industry. Though the gaming giant hasn’t developed a gaming console in the past 24 years, Atari’s presence hasn’t gone away.

At E3 this year, Atari has hinted that a new console might be coming. In an interview with GameBeats, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed that the company, in fact, is making the said console. “We’re back in the hardware business,” he said, leaving a lot of details for our speculation.

An announcement video has also been released, which teases the Atari logo aglow as it rests on a sleek, wooden finish. Watch it here:

It is worth to note that Chesnais mentioned in the interview that they are still developing the design of the console, so make what you will of the video, but do know it’s definitely not final. Another thing to note: its proposed performance. Chesnais tells that the new console will make use of PC technology, presumably to compete in the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch landscape.

Are you excited for Atari’s revival? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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