Morgan’s Inspiration Island was uniquely designed for the enjoyment and accessibility of kids with all kinds of physical and cognitive disabilities. If you’ve been to Disneyland, you would know that aside from being in front of the line for all rides, people with disabilities generally have a hard time going around the park and up the steep steps to get to the rides themselves. You can request for special assistance, but you have to understand that most parks are not designed specifically to suit the needs of these people.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island in Texas aims to do just that. This water park was specially designed for the accessibility and convenience of people with both physical and cognitive disabilities. While the first thing in mind was the kids, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is still a fun place for teens and adults. Besides, there’s no such thing as being too old to have fun.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island

According to their launching video, this wonderland should not be seen as a park designed for the disabled – it’s a park of inclusion. Whether you are with special needs or not, this park is for you.The water just opened last June 17 and is teeming with splash pads and rain curtains, plus a river boat ride all of which anyone with a disability can access for free. There are also specialized waterproof wheelchairs available for no additional cost.

*Featured Image from the Morgan’s Inspiration Island website


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