Makeup can come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. You can get a 12-color eyeshadow palette for either $16 or $130. But which ones am I supposed to buy? Here are our top five best high-end makeup products that are pretty much worth every penny you’ll spend:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

I was a bit skeptical of this the first time I saw it on the internet because it was too overrated for me. Just because it had your warms and cools and a good mix of satins and shimmers doesn’t mean it’s a great palette altogether. Besides, Anastasia Beverly Hills was a brand I associated with their Brow Pomade. It wasn’t readily available in the Philippines then, meaning yeah you can buy it from Instagram shops but you won’t be able to swatch it or test it out.

But when I went to check the palette out on both Sephora and Ulta in the United States, I was pleasantly surprised with the formula. One slight touch and you get the pigmentation of a thousand shadows. They’re buttery but they’re a bit difficult to blend now that I’ve been experimenting with them. All in all, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette was a surprising discovery and despite its being overrated, you should definitely get your hands on one.

This mostly warm-toned palette with 14 ultra pigmented shades retails for $42 (~P2,100) on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website.

Urban Decay Naked 2

The Naked 2 is another popular product that’s been going around for a long time. The formula on these are so satiny and smooth that you won’t even want to dip your brush in for a long time or it’ll get too much product. What I like about the Naked 2 though is that while it has a great formula for shadows, it has all the basic colors you’ll need for every day. I always tell my friends that if you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette to use everyday, don’t settle for a cheap one if you can save up for a high-end palette like the Naked 2.

Urban Decay’s second Naked palette is versatile and beginner-friendly. You can use it for day and nighttime events, and it will last you a long while. I must admit that I don’t believe in makeup expiration for powder products so my Naked 3 (I preferred the rose line of shades) has been with me for quite a few years now and I haven’t reached pan just yet.

Unlike many palettes nowadays that settle for a deep brown as their darkest shade, the Naked 2 has a pitch black shade. This is a make or break for me because pitch black shades are getting harder and harder to find in palette because it seems that the trend calls for warmer and subtler colors.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette has 12 total shades and costs $54 (~P2,700) on the brand’s website.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics

I was choosing between the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics and the Tartelette in Bloom but I decided to go with this one because my goodness if you’ve ever been in Ulta and you get the chance to just see it in real life, it is gorgeous. The metallic packaging it comes in just screams ‘High-end makeup product right here, feast your eyes people!’

The Urban Decay Ultimate Basics is a showstopper. It has everything you would ever need and more in a 12-color eyeshadow palette. It looks simple at first, but it packs a punch once you start using it. The pigmentation is incredible, it might even be better than the Modern Renaissance, at least from how I swatched it.

This palette is great because it has your pitch black, your deep brown, matte light shades for highlighting, and that burnt orange color to add a pop. It applies and sets well, almost like a cream shadow, so you won’t experience any drastic fallout. For $54 (~P2,700), this is the palette you should be reaching out to if you want the Naked 1, 2, and 3 palettes all in one. It’s still in stock, by the way!

Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced is blessing us with a 30-color eyeshadow palette that has the nude and rosy mattes and shimmers this world could ever give. This is a combination of all their bestselling Natural eyeshadow palettes for the best color selection for a pretty decent price. For 30 high quality eyeshadows, this Ultimate Neutral Eye palette costs $59 (~P2,950) on the Too Faced website.

I think what makes this palette unique is the fact that it is the product of Too Faced’s years and years of creating perfect natural nude palettes. This is marketed as that neutral eyeshadow palette for the perfect no-makeup makeup look and while it is a great palette for all kinds of skin tones, its main focus really is the wide array of colors you can experiment with. The Too Faced Natural Love palette is won’t make you just reach for 5 colors to match your skin tone. It encourages you to use all 30 in unique and creative ways.

LORAC Unzipped Palette

Please don’t be surprised I didn’t choose the LORAC Unzipped Gold! I do love the Gold and initially planned to get that one, I think the original Unzipped palette offers a lot more. LORAC has been known for creating absolutely high quality products for years. Their original LORAC Pro palettes have been a favorite among beauty gurus, YouTubers, and makeup professionals all over the world. Beauty blogger Jenn Im’s LORAC Pro palette looks like havoc because she’s hit pan in some of them and she’s still going. The Pro palettes are intensely pigmented and easily blendable making it the top choice for both professionals and beginners.

Now that we’ve established the formula that goes behind the palettes, it’s time to discuss what makes the Unzipped a top recommendation. The LORAC Unzipped might only have 10 shades compared to the preceding ones on this list but that’s just what makes it the perfect travel companion. It’s pans are big enough to hold a good amount of product and it’s surprisingly lightweight enough so you can carry it around wherever you go.

For color selection, while it doesn’t have a pitch black shade, the LORAC Unzipped does boast a deep brown and burgundy shade that can both be used for deepening the outer corners. What’s amazing about this palette is that you can use the top row to create a rosy and subtle look while the bottom row is for those neutral eye looks with a bit of shimmer.

The Unzipped Palette is $42 (~P2,100) on the LORAC website and while you’re there, you should check out their other palettes too!


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