The Gaming Gods are looking after us. Steam finally kicked-off its massive Summer Sale—running from June 22nd thru July 5th—and brought with it hard-to-pass-up deals aplenty. In short, it’s time to splurge. Justifiably(?) so.

Countless games are currently on sale, and Steam’s unimaginably vast library is no great place to find the best deals. It is virtually impossible to manually go through every special offer on Steam; hence this post, in which I list down ten of the best, cheapest (less than 250 pesos!) deals you can grab during the Steam Summer Sale.

Steam Summer Sale: 10 Games You Can Buy For Less Than 250 Pesos

These, of course, are just ten of them, and no way make a list of all the worthwhile games you can get for cheap right now. Feel free to drop some recommendations in the comments or on social.

Hotline Miami 1 + 2 combo pack (for 124.98 PHP)

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (for 41.99 PHP)

Portal 2 (for 49.99 PHP)

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition (for 124.98 PHP)

Fallout: New Vegas (for 79.98 PHP)

SOMA (for 227.98 PHP)

Tomb Raider (for 147.49 PHP)

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (for 99.99 PHP)

Torchlight II (for 124.98 PHP)

Dishonored (for 115.00 PHP)


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