This Naughty Dog-pioneered game has become so popular when it was first released back in 2007. When the latest title was announced, they made it clear that this would be this would be their last time leading the development of a game in the Uncharted series. But hey, Naughty Dog admitted that they would be happy to welcome an Uncharted 5, so let’s keep our hopes up.


Killzone was the PlayStation 2’s flagship first-person shooter, and it started out as a mediocre game. Over time, we get to witness its evolution that everyone came to love. The game started to take major steps away from a strictly linear gameplay experience and implemented a ton of new features that gave the video game title a new life. For that, we would love to see what a new Killzone game would bring to the ongoing feud between Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Twisted Metal

Remember when it was first launched on the PlayStation 1? It was one of the best car combat games of all time. It’s clear that the graphics were less than impressive and the gameplay could definitely receive a much-needed boost. That itself is the most important reason why we need to see another Twisted Metal title.

Ape Escape

Same with Twisted Metal, Ape Escape first came to PlayStation back in 1999 and it was fun as hell. There was something surprisingly entertaining and rewarding about figuring out how to outsmart those clever little primates. The introduction of different gadgets, playable characters, and new environments to traverse kept Ape Escape entertaining throughout each title. Imagine if we get to see another Ape Escape now? Let’s keep our hopes up.

Crash Bandicoot

Yes we know, another Crash Bandicoot is on its way. It might be just another remastered version but we still want more. Playing through the classic Crash Bandicoot experience with better graphics and performance will be a blast. It will take many players into the deepest part of memory lane, but long-time fans of the series will still want something new.


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