Having a bad day is a fact of life. Inevitably, we will encounter speed bumps and detours along our chosen paths. These setbacks, of course, are generally harmless to our cause. Until we let them get the best of us.

Words have incredible power. And to many people, this is an abundant source of inspiration. We know that “knowledge is power” because this is a reflection of Albert Einstein’s journey. We know that Martin Luther King’s hope that his children “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” because it is deeply rooted in his cause. But what about people that populate the world of fiction?

How can Don Draper, Yoda, and Bruce Wayne tell us to help enlighten us in our lives? On this article, we list (in infographic form, created by Cornerstone OnDemand) 42 inspiring quotes as told by fictional characters in movies and in T.V.

LISTED: 42 Inspiring Quotes From Fictional Characters ☀



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