If you are a firm believer of aliens, you know that these past few days were very exciting. A couple of days ago, a viral video claimed to have evidence that NASA would release new information about other life beyond planet Earth. One of the most notable elements that made people believe that this video was true is that the source is a quote from NASA Science Mission Directorate Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen made during a House Science Committee hearing in which he said:

With all this activity related to the search of life in so many areas, we are on the verge on one of the most profound discoveries ever.

Heck, even Anonymous made a video last week saying NASA was about to announce the discovery of alien life. As usual, the video went viral and everyone as waiting for the long-awaited news.

Sadly, all of our expectations were taken down as Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen cleared up the misconception:

Well, so much for our hopes and dreams. We’ll try next year.


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