Our digital privacy and security are always under attack albeit from dangerous or simple advertisers

Everyone is eager to get their hands on your precious information and exploit any or all loopholes in your devices. It’s increasingly necessary to do everything possible to keep your privacy on the Web. But some of us don’t really care.

You may think that hackers and the like won’t give a shit about your data. They don’t really matter because you’re just a simple human being and they are better off with celebrities and politicians. What do they want from you? Well, your bank account number may be the primary target.

Here are the most common signs you don’t really care about your online security.

You don’t password-protect your smartphone


Some of us really like to live dangerously or we’re just that too lazy to password-protect our phone. But mind you, that isn’t a very bright idea.

Imagine those precious data on your phone. From emails to texts, finance apps to social media – losing your smartphone could be detrimental.

If you happen to get robbed or just forgot your smartphone in a random coffee shop, a thief has everything they need to steal your identity and money. This is the most basic security feature and we highly recommend everyone to use it.

Using the same password for every account


We’re all guilty of this. We all have that password that we use for everything. But you too know that this is wrong.

If a hacker obtains your password, the first thing they’re going to do is check whether or not that password works for every other account. Sure, it’s acceptable to use the same password but don’t come crying to us when all your accounts get hacked.

Sharing too much on Social Media


It’s a status, not your diary.

Think it’s cool to check into your 5-star hotel or super excited about that upcoming family outing you can’t help but brag about? If your profile is public, then anyone can figure out where you live. Even worse, they can make themselves at home while you’re away.

There’s an old saying that you should always keep in mind: less is more.



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