Fully Booked is my favorite bookstore in the metro. This is for good reason. The staff, more than anything, offers tremendous customer service (in many instances, the cashiers ask me if I’d like it if they’d threw in a free plastic jacket to go with my book). They have great selection of titles across all branches; rarely do I come out of the store defeated and without the book I’d set myself out to buy. I am, to say the least, a fan of Fully Booked.

Add to the list Fully Booked’s unique ability to give back to their customers, which is what their upcoming sale is about. In celebration of ten years of their branch at High Street, Fully Booked is launching an Atrium Sale where bookworms can wade through titles from 50 pesos and up! The sale runs from July 1st thru the 31st.

Check out the poster and find Fully Booked’s on Facebook for more info.

Fully Booked Atrium Sale: Great Reads Starting At 50 Pesos!


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