The game library for the Nintendo Switch is continuously growing and we’re slowly getting more and more choices. If you’re planning to buy one, it’s also high noon to figure out what games to play. With that, here are our top 3 picks for Nintendo Switch games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

YOU NEED TO BUY THIS GAME. When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, there were only two game titles that came along with it and this was the first one. According to game reviewers, you could say that the only reason you bought the Switch is to play this game. Even if you’re not a fan of Zelda, you need to try this out.

It’s an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo themselves. The game is a part of The Legend of Zelda series and follows amnesiac protagonist Link, who awakens from a hundred-year slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat Calamity Ganon before he can destroy the kingdom of Hyrule.

Disgaea 5

Disgaea 5 is a 2015 tactical role-playing video game first found on the Playstation 4 and it’s the sixth in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software. The Nintendo Switch version was released back on March 3, 2017, in Japan as a launch title for the system. The central story of the game is centered on the idea of “revenge”. The evil demon emperor Void Dark devastates numerous Netherworlds after coming to power, with the help of an army of over one million soldiers known as The Lost.

Following this, the Overlords of the Netherworlds under Void Dark’s rule attempt to rise up and take revenge.


Thumper is a “rhythm violence” game developed by Drool and released first in October 2016 on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The game was shown at the experimental game workshop during the 2015 Game Developers Conference.

The objective of Thumper is to guide a space beetle along a single track through a series of fantastic worlds. The player must press a button to hit the notes in time with the background music, while also bracing against obstacles, turning against curved walls, jumping over spikes, and defeating enemies.


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