Streaming has effectively disrupted the means with which we consume movies and television. Netflix has just premiered Okja, a Bong Joon-ho film that got caught in a crossfire of discourse at Cannes about the online platform’s merits for hosting legitimate works of art. The discussion, predictably, didn’t end well, with pundits pointing to the possibility of streaming services harming the otherwise untouched experience of cinema-going.

For better or for worse, however, movie/T.V. streaming services are here to stay, and it has, inevitably made a mark in the way we consume media. On this article, we’re breaking down which streaming services is best and currently available in the Philippines.

The (current) Big Three

PH Movie/T.V. Streaming Service Showdown: Netflix vs iflix vs HOOQ

Among the streaming services available to us right now, three stand out as staples: Netflix, iflix, and HOOQ. Of these three, Netflix has an obvious upper hand thanks to its exclusive titles such as House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and the aforementioned film. Both iflix and HOOQ is only starting to fill its roster of original productions; the latter has recently announced a series spinoff of the Erik Matti cult-hit, On The Job.

Outside of these three are three more services worth noting: 1.) Amazon PrimeVideo, whose original American Gods is sitting tremendously well with critics and audiences alike, 2.) Mubi, whose thoroughly curated monthly library of independent, cult, and classic films make it a niched but tough contender, and 3.) Cinetropa, whose tight focus on Filipino independent films make it a noteworthy upstart streaming service.

In keeping the article tightly focused, however, we’ll be highlighting the first three streaming services I’ve mentioned.

A Quick Breakdown

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features between Netflix, iflix, and HOOQ.

Hours of content Over 30,000 hours of content including Netflix original titles Over 20,000 hours of hit movies and TV series including local and Asian content Over 30,000 hours of hit movies and TV series including titles from their local partners
Devices per account 6 5 5
Simultaneous streaming 1 device for Basic / 2 devices for Plus / 4 devices for Premium Up to 2 devices Up to 2 devices
Streaming quality SD for Basic plan / HD for Standard / UHD for Premium SD only SD and HD
Number of downloadable content for offline viewing Offline viewing Up to 10 videos Up to 5 videos
App availability Any device with Internet connection Android, iOS, desktop, and web browser Android, iOS, desktop, and web browser
Telco perks None Discounted monthly rate for Smart and PLDT subscribers – Php99/month Could be paid via Globe with up to 2GB allocation
Free trial 1 month 1 month 1 month
Starting price Php370/month Php129/month Php149/month


It appears to me that in terms of variety, iflix wins. It has anime, local films, Korean dramas, and staple movies and T.V. shows. If you can’t live without Netflix’s exclusives, I’d recommend that you get it if you can afford it.

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