The iOS 11 public beta was released earlier this week. As usual, it’s time for Apple’s newest version of macOS, High Sierra, to come into the spotlight.

If you’ve watched the keynote, you know that High Sierra has numerous features but many of them are subtle improvements to an already efficient operating system. Here are some of the key features:

  • Speed bump for Safari (Apple stated that it’s now 80 percent faster than Chrome)
  • New editing tools for the Photos App, like curves tool and individual color controls
  • Apple is switching over to the Apple File System, replacing the old HFS+. All that means is faster file copying, easier encryption, crash protection, and more
  • Official support for external graphics enclosures through Thunderbolt 3
  • Native support for H.265/HVEC codecs that are typically smaller but with better quality
  • Metal 2 for improved graphic performance and VR support
  • iMessages can be stored on iCloud now

If you’re just the typical user, you’ll notice that there are no ground-breaking features to want you to upgrade instantly. So unless you’re a hardcore macOS user or just need the performance upgrade, we suggest you wait for the official release later this year.

If you really want to try it now, be sure to backup your files and sign up to be a tester over at


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