According to an article from TIME, two families in Michigan and Alabama have reported their fidget spinners catching on fire while charging. These spinners are Bluetooth-enabled, capable of producing sound and light patterns controlled by an app.

From the families’ reports forwarded to the WRBC, these fidget spinners weren’t even charging for more than 45 minutes when the flames started appearing. Soon, the seemingly innocent toy and the furniture it was placed on were melting.

The mother from Michigan advised that if ever anyone plans to buy a Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinner, that they don’t leave the toy charging unattended. I really beg to differ. It’s not going to stop itself from flaming up if you stare at it, really. Poorly produced and manufactured fidget spinners or any gadgets for that matter will garner the same results.

The fidget spinner was originally made to be a tool without the need for electricity. The variations just came about with the rise of its popularity. Well, seeing as things are going now, it looks like the fidget spinner will be dying down the market anytime soon.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t have a fidget spinner that needs charging every once in a while, I think you’re good to go. 

But is the fidget spinner really helpful for people with ADHD?


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