Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe Vera Gel is a holy grail for most people because of all the good things it can do for your skin. Here are 5 aloe vera gel uses and benefits so you can be get all the goodness from your giant tub!

Okay, first thing’s first: the aloe vera gel that comes inside the plant smells disgusting. It’s healthy, it’s 100% natural, but it just smells the worst. So if you’re planning to lather that all over your body, best to do it at night when you can sleep on it… alone.

As a moisturizer

Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe Vera Gel comes in a 300ml tub for only P180. Trust me, it lasts forever. I still have 1/3 of it left and I bought it September of last year! When I saw this in Korea, I just had to get one right away. My dry skin needed a hydration boost anyway.

If you have desert dry skin like I do, aloe vera gel hydrates it almost instantly. Pop it in the fridge while your out and when you need a refresher, just take it out and apply a thin layer to your face.

Seal your 10-step Korean skincare with this really cheap moisturizing gel you can find at a Nature Republic (or Mumuso… or just any Korean beauty store nowadays) near you!

As a face mask

Because I do leave my aloe vera gel in the fridge while I’m out for work, it’s so refreshing to apply this all over my face as a last step to my nighttime skincare routine. I use it as a leave-on mask too so I just apply and then go to sleep.

Aloe vera gel is clear too so you’re sure you won’t be freaking the hell out of people.

Just apply a thin layer though because the face can only absorb so much! Well, applying too much won’t really do anything bad for your skin. You’ll just be left with a thin transparent film on your face you can easily wash off.

To treat sunburn

I had an outdoor shoot recently and because it started so early in the morning, I totally forgot to put on sunblock. I don’t recommend you doing that because there are reports of people getting second degree burns from the heat of the sun! But just in case you do forget, make sure to frequent shady areas (lol) to protect you at the least.

The day ended okay until my mom pointed out that my shoulders were red. Thank God I was wearing a tank top so no strange tan lines. My immediate reaction was to grab my travel tub of aloe vera and apply it on the burn.

Before your skin hurts and dries up from the burn, make sure to apply the gel on the red parts already. It will prevent any further damage! Tried and tested.

Yet if you still find yourself in pain from the sunburn, aloe vera will soothe the pain. It just won’t soothe heartbreak though, which is sad.

As a primer

A thin layer of aloe vera gel as a makeup base will leave you with that dewy and healthy glow that doesn’t look oily at all. While it can be a good base for your makeup, I do recommend only applying a few layers of makeup.

If you’re going to go all out with the makeup, it’s really best to use an actual primer – something that was really made for acting as a base and keeping your makeup intact. Remember that this gel wasn’t manufactured specifically for priming.

Although! Wait, there’s more. When I used this as a primer, my T-zone didn’t oil up as usual but it also didn’t overly mattify and flatten. For people with good skin, this is a great product to achieve that natural dewy and look.

To spot treat acne

You know those stubborn pimples on your face that just won’t go away? The internet keeps telling me to use toothpaste on those to dry it up and it just doesn’t work. Pimple patches are good too, but if you can’t get your hands on those right now, applying a bit of aloe vera gel to the problem area can alleviate the swelling and dry it out.


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