Streaming has effectively disrupted the way we consume movies and T.V. Gone are the nostalgic days of wading through shelves of meticulously curated titles from popular to the great unknown. Today we do not take the aid of an eager attendant to help us find our movies but of a search engine that efficiently pulls up the titles that we might be interested in. I guess nostalgia is a cost mounted in exchange for convenience.

Convenience, of course, doesn’t come without flaws. We’re still not getting all the movies and T.V. series that our western friends do. A combination of factors—including but not limited to international streaming rights—make this our current reality.

But what plenty of my fellow Indios don’t know is that there is a simple workaround to getting more out of our Netflix subscriptions. Maybe even get a Hulu account (finally!) and watch The Handmaid’s Tale (it’s really worth all the trouble!)

How To Watch Hulu (Or Any Streaming Site) In The Philippines

GUIDE: Access Hulu (Or Any Streaming Site) In The PhilippinesThe trick is stupidly simple. The concept, however, takes a bit of explaining. What you need to do is:

  1. Install a VPN service.
  2. Choose a U.S. server to enable all the previously locked titles from Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime and other streaming services.

A VPN is a service which effectively reroutes your connection to another I.P. address from anywhere in the world. This means that if you want to safely connect to a U.S. server, you can, thereby enabling you to watch all the content that’s available in the Americas.

My Recommended VPNs

If you’re like me and watching movies and T.V. on your computer, I recommend that you use a free Chrome extension like Hola and Betternet. If you’re watching on your mobile devices, try Turbo VPN. If you want a cloud solution and aren’t averse to spending a few bucks, check out TunnelBear.

Here’s a quick recap:

Simply install these programs on their respective platforms, refresh your streaming site, and that’s it! Welcome to thousands after thousands of otherwise locked content.

Happy binge-ing!


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