Last year, the biggest social media platform began testing a feature that made it convenient to connect to a public Wi-Fi network around you. Back then it was only available on iOS, and in select locations.

Today, Facebook is rolling out the same feature to everyone on their mobile apps. You can head on to the “More” tab, and select “Find Wi-Fi”. You’ll be able to see Wi-Fi networks around via a map or list as well as the information about that network.

Of course, it will come in handy if you’re out of the country and wants to connect to the internet without the need of roaming fees.

Do note that this tool only lists Wi-Fi networks that businesses have chosen to share their information on Facebook, so you’re probably not going to find every network connection through this tool. Also, Facebook will turn on its Location History tracker if you enable this feature.

All in all, nice feature, Facebook. We’re not so sure if it’s really secure, though.


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