No one wants to get to their dream Airbnb house and find a shack that’s not even open. Because of the convenience of online transactions, this certain Airbnb scam is vicitimizing users all around the world.

It’s a type of website phishing. When you’re ready to book your Airbnb, the owner suggests you talk over e-mail. To confirm your booking, he’ll send you a link to a website that looks exactly like where you’re expected input your credit card details to lock the transaction.

Websites like this dupe your information so not only did you pay for a non-existent Airbnb, you’re also at risk of credit card fraud.

I saw this report on HelloGiggles but also had a close friend experience this while she was looking for Airbnbs on Prague. She found the listing on the real Airbnb website but when it she was contacting the owner, this host insisted they talk over e-mail. She received an e-mail with a link to the listing but was attentive enough to realize that it was a fake link to something like ‘’.

Don’t worry though, Airbnb is still a legit website for accommodation hunting. (Currently drooling over that photo above.) Just make sure that all transactions and negotiations (even conversations) are done through and not anywhere else. For safety, do not click on links given by the host claiming that it’s where you should be inputting your details.



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